What is Shane's America?

Shane Smedley

Veteran, Father, Brother, Son, Artist, Filmmaker and Journalist. Editor in Chief of The Alt Standard

This country is not a group of ideologies. It is not a collection of political parties or communities of races or creeds. This dream, America, is but a whisper on the lips of God. So fragile and fleeting that if you stop listening you will forget the sound of her voice. We are the children of a dream. A dream named America. And it is time we remember who we are. We promised to never forget. But nonetheless, we have closed our ears and covered our eyes to truth spoken plainly. We have busied ourselves with meaningless controversy and fake outrage if only to feel important in spite of our common apathy and complacency. We must shutout these voices of division and amplify the song of healing. Only then can we reaffirm our devotion to our collective dream. Only then can we strengthen the bonds of common fellowship, honor the sacrifice of our forefathers and secure a future for our progeny.